Institute of Technical Education


The institute of Technical Education, Singapore (ITE), was established as a post-secondary institution in April 1992. We are the principal provider of career and technical education and to date, offer 101 courses across 11 sectors of industry.

ITE takes in 25% of the annual secondary school cohort, or an annual enrolment of about 30,000 students under the Pre-Employment Training (PET) programmes. Students are exposed to the unique Hands-on, Minds-on, Hearts-oneducation philosophy which centres on:

  • ‘Hands-on’ training to equip students with the required skills-set for employment
  • ‘Minds-on’ learning to develop independent-thinking and flexible practitioners, equipped to manage rapid changes in the external environment
  • ‘Hearts-on’ learning to develop ‘complete’ ITE students, who have the passion for what they do, self-belief and care for the community and society

On top of the PET programmes, we provide part-time Continuing Education and Training (CET) programmes for about 20,000 adult learners.